The 22nd Annual
Juneteenth Ohio Festival Presents

Natural Hair & Style Show

Sunday, June 17th

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The theme for all competitions is “Back To Natural Beauty”. That means we are looking for styles that show “Whatever we’ve misplaced, forgotten, forgone or have been stripped of can be reclaimed in natural beauty.” We are looking for creativity and flawless skills at their best for natural styles that can be worn both casually and in the workplace. Models must have no chemical straighteners/alterations to her/his hair; hair may be flat ironed and permanent color, semi-permanent color, light colors, natural hair extensions, chalks and sprays are allowed. Hairpieces are allowed but must not cover more than 1/3 of the head. Hair weaves may be used. Hair ornaments must be made of at least 85% hair (human or synthetic). The entire design must be made of at least 85% hair.

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