child climbingThe 24th Annual Juneteenth Ohio Festival takes place June 20 thru June 22 2014 at the beautiful Genoa Park in Downtown Columbus Ohio from 12:00 Noon to 11pm. Juneteenth is celebrated in over 250 cities nationally and recognized by 40 million African Americans as their freedom and Independence Day. The Juneteenth festival attracts 130,000 supporters in Columbus Ohio and is considered the 3rd largest celebration in the nation.
The Juneteenth Ohio Festival is a weekend of cultural discovery for all individuals, families and communities to participate and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of African American freedom. History reveals that on June 19, 1865 when General Gordon Granger rode into Galveston Texas and read federal order number 3 to the last remaining captives, that reuniting with family was the first priority.

singerToday our mission remains the same; Junetenth Ohio is the festival that connects businesses and services with minority families, to advocate fair and equal access of private and government resources and to improve the quality of all community life. Activities begin with freedom day Friday, We are kicking off the festival with Caribbean style of celebration to give attendees an international experience of entertainment. Food vendors are on hand serving gourmet meals and deserts, that festival attendees can enjoy with the RASTA vibrations of music and dance. Juneteenth Ohio is a family centered event open to all for community enjoyment and personal edutainment. Activities include a children’s pavilion that involves arts and crafts, storytelling, and the underground rail road journey. Freedom day Friday will also host a health expo to help close the health gap among minorities in Columbus Ohio.

Saturday June 21st we begin with our “Unity Walk For Wellness” volunteers, residents, and health organizations are invited to walk 5 miles around the park as a symbol of unity in the community. The day is known as “Gospel Soul Saturday” the main stage comes to life for 10 hours beginning with Juneteenth re-enactments, City Wide Talent Gospel choirs from area churches coming together for a Gospel soul filled weekend. Saturday Juneteenth Ohio will also include a marketplace, children’s pavilion, health expo, college fair, and the best soul food dishes east of the Mississippi.

Sunday June 22nd is old school music moments. Juneteenth Ohio will host an old school concert featuring TBA Juneteenth Ohio will host for the 3rd year a natural hair expo on Sunday to inspire and bring about the natural woman. Activities will include health screenings, fitness and beauty workshops, style and a whole lot of natural affordable fashion tips.

drummerSponsorship and vending opportunities are still available. In addition, business, Individual donors and others are encouraged to contribute as Friends of the festival offering donations between $5 and $999. Donor’s names will be listed in the JuneteenthOhio Program Booklet.” In-kind products and services are still vitally needed,”, Minority and female owned businesses are urged to participate as vendors or sponsors. nearly 47,000 people attended last year’s JuneteenthOhio festival.

The 24th Annual JuneteenthOhio festival has something for everybody! Bring a loved one to the health and book fair, featuring local and national authors, or visit the Soul Food and Children’s Pavilion, register for the City-Wide Talent Show, or just come out and enjoy jazz in the park Friday,Gospel Saturday, and Old School Sunday.

Schedule of Activities June 20th - June 22nd

clownFreedom Day Friday, June 20th, 2014

12:00 p.m.–11:00 p.m.
RECEPTION - Evening with the Authors

• Book & Health Expo
• Wellness Screenings: Diabetes, blood pressure & more!
• Cultural Marketplace
• Soul Food Pavilion
• Children’s Underground Rail Road Journey
• Juneteenth Re-enactments
• Tribute to Bob Marley Concert

Gospel Soul Saturday, June 21st , 2014

12:00 noon - 11:00 p.m.
(Genoa Park)

• Unity Walk 8:00 am meet us at the main stage!
• City Wide Drum Call
• Honoring Community Elders
• Citywide Talent Show
• Gospel concert
• Chess tournament
• Book & Health Expo
• Children’s Pavilion
- - - (Under Ground Rail Road Journey)
• Cultural Marketplace
• Wellness Screenings: Diabetes, blood pressure & more!
• Soul Food Pavilion
• Super Soul Gospel Concert

Old School Sunday, June 20th, 2014

12 noon to 11:00 pm

• Jazz Brunch
• Juneteenth Re-enactment
• Book & Health Expo
• Children’s Pavilion Underground Railroad
• Wellness Screenings: Diabetes, blood pressure & more!
• Cultural marketplace
• Soul Food Pavilion
• Natural Hair & Style Show
• Old School Concert Per forming TBA;

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