The 23rd Annual
Juneteenth Ohio Festival Presents

Juneteenth Ohio College Career Fair

June 14th & 15th 2013Franklin Park Adventure Center 12:00pm – 6:00pm

“A Call to Action”

How would you like to be at an event with hundreds of skilled workers or people with a driven
desire to work? How about the opportunity to increase your recruitment goals?
As a business owner the number one problem that presents itself over and over again is, the payroll, and not enough employees, or to many employees and not enough to meet payroll. Now if you are in a situation of having a payroll and not enough employees, The Juneteenth College career and job fair just may be able to solve that problem. Whatever your challenge is for hiring, recruiting or training today’s workforce the college, career, and job fair maybe one of your many solutions. One of the largest opportunity for you as an employer that brings employees to the table, may well be the 23 Annual Juneteenth Ohio Festival.Last year we identified a wealth of resources that we could bring together at the table for businesses and people alike in need and can fully benefit.
This year we are acting upon what we viewed as capacity building, by sponsoring on a College, career and job fair. Employers of big and small businesses, government contractors, colleges, or career centers, you are invited to join us at the 23rd Annual Juneteenth Ohio Festival. We are going to celebrate African American Independence day with three full days of music, food and family fun! This event is a great opportunity for you to meet, interview, and educate the public on your employment needs. Last year Juneteenth attendance was well over 150,000 festival attendees in three days! Imagine the potential opportunities that exist to help solve your employment needs. Whether you are an employment agency or a career center that trains workers and places people in jobs you too are also invited to attend. For more information on how to register your business today call now! (614) 258-4633 This is a win only partnership!

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