The JuneteenthOhio Celebration can not happen without the
help of volunteers. We need people to help with setup,
teardown, parking & traffic and cleanup, just to name a few areas.

To become a volunteer call the Juneteenth Ohio office at 614-258-4633.

There are as many reasons to serve as there are people who serve--from solving problems in your community to sharing your skills to serving your country. Volunteering is not just an altruistic act. It's an opportunity to advance in all areas of your life.

Why Get Involved? No man or woman is an island. People and societies co-depend on each other for survival. We can bridge the expanding gap between communities and societies through volunteering. Volunteering is ultimately about helping others taking part in impacting people's welfare and happiness. What better way is there to connect with your community and give something back?

All Donations are tax deductable
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